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The Power of One

The spark of one match evolves into a raging forest fire.  The course of an entire cruise liner is set by one unseen ruder, only a fraction of the massive ship’s size.  A thousand dominoes collapse in a whirl with the repositioning of just one of the rectangular pieces.  There’s no denying the power of one.  It is my belief in the profound significance of the seemingly unimportant that drives me to the classroom.

As an educator, I will be given the opportunity to influence young minds on a daily basis.  As an elementary educator, I will have an even greater opportunity to affect children for a lifetime, laying strong foundations of learning for other educators of influence to build upon.   It is in these early years that the power of one is strongest.  If a child does not develop a love for learning within the first years of school, his negative perspective on education will forever be a hindrance to later learning.  Thus, I desire to become a foundation layer, one who brings the excitement of discovery to the classroom.  To instill a passion for learning and cultivate a hunger for truth in each wide-eyed learner is my desire.

Each day I, the educator, will remind myself of the profound significance one teacher, one day, one lesson, one hug and one word of praise can make upon one child.  In doing so, I will reach an entire generation by the power of one.